FGGA Code of Conduct

I. FGGA Player undertakes:

  • Know the Ten Commandments of our Football School.
  • Proudly represent Club both during training and in everyday life.
  • Train in the FGGA kit , whose mandatory element is Shin pads and always wearing the specified football boots.
  • Before, during, and after exercise to help coach during deployment of all equipment.
  • Perform the command only from the coach leading the activities.
  • Be conscientious and disciplined.
  • During the training focus on executing the exercise.
  • Any health issues inform the coach without any delay.
  • During training and League matches to consume only sparkling mineral water and no contact with their parents.
  • In their free time to improve football elements learnt from training.
  • The basis for the game, the player must be in regular and punctual presence, as well as involvement in training:
    • Player that within a week doesn’t attend training may not be taken into account for the  match League meeting;
    • All players are obliged to be at the game, at least 45 minutes before the start of the League match.
  • The equipment, which players receive, is owned by FGGA and must be respected. At the end of the game a player in FGGA, equipment, must return to the coach with exception of equipment for which the parent has suffered the total cost of the purchase.
  • FGGA player can not play and train, and so take part in events organized in another Club. Exceptions are:
    • High level football Academies) IE. Southampton F.C, Cardiff City, Arsenal, etc..
    • Training In development  club but  only when it does not interfere with the FGGA training schedule.
  • In the event that the FGGA training schedule changes and training in FGGA will coincide with a training development Club, the player will have to opt out of training for FGGA. The desire to save a Child Development Club must be notified and approved by the ownrof FGGA.  The owner may refuse to play at another Club.


II. The parents (guardians) agree:

  • In the course of the training activities and competitions do not have contact with children, because this affects there concentration.
  • During the matches and training parents, guardians, fans etc, should stay in the stands, or on the side line, for which the competition is being held.
  • During the match to behave correctly, accept all decisions of the referee and does not offend the opposing team.
  • For the timely payment of contributions up to the 15th day of each month. FGGA does not return money for the absence of players, including absences caused by weather conditions. If a player is sick or injured, you should report to  the coach how long will your child be  absence from  the training. In the case of non-payment, after the 15 day of the month, the child will not be able to participate in training until the arrears are paid.
  • The parent undertakes to set up a standing order in the amount of monthly fee for training .If someone can not set up standing order must immediately inform the coach to find another method of payment .
  • In justified individual cases on the basis of a proposal from the parent it is possible to postpone bringing charges monthly by prior arrangement with the coach or the owner of the FGGA.
  • Notify the coach about each child's absences on training.
  • To drop of your child before training and pick up your child after a workout. A maximum of 15 minutes after the completion of  training or you will be arriving late.
  • In case of cancellation of participation of the child in the class, a parent or legal guardian is obliged to notify in writing sent by registered mail, by telephone or by electronic mail at the latest 25th it prior to the next month (e.g. to 25 may, in case of cancellation from June). 
  • Not to undermine the authority of the coach, both in the presence of their children and other parents. With all the problems and doubts report individually to the coach or the owner of the FGGA.of the activities of the FGGA.

III. FGGA is not responsible for the car parking .

IV. FGGA reserves the right to make changes in terms of the notice to the guardians. 

V. Non-compliance or gross violations of any of the terms and conditions may be grounds for removal from the FGGA.

Falcon Academy

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